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Dane Nance created this sketch  of George Washington and the 1st Regiment of Dragoons charging across the battlefield. Participate in the contest by printing out a copy and submitting it at one of our events in person or on our facebook page. 

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We are a nonprofit organization focused on helping make the world around us a better, happier place. By uniting many people/groups from different time periods, we can bring the past alive, educate and reach out to the community and hopefully inspire the people of today to carry on into the future!


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1st Regiment of Light Dragoons


Dragoons are mounted infantry named after a pistol they used to carry. During the Revolutionary War they were used as the eyes and ears of the army to conduct reconnaissance, to maintain contact with, harass, and attack targets of opportunity. During battles they would attack weak positions such as the flanks of the enemy. 

5th Troop NWTA


The Legendary unit of "Light Horse Harry" Lee. This great unit heads up the Midwest Chapter of HIA. They are skilled in both Horseback demonstrations as well as dismounted infantry and civilian life. Click on the above picture for more info.

18th Century Rifles / Dismounts


 Riflemen were scouts for the regiment. They were also called to campaign for their incredibly accurate rifled guns and employed as sharpshooters throughout the war. They contributed significantly to victories at the Battle of Saratoga in New York and at King's Mountain in South Carolina. Click on the picture above for more details. 

17th Light Dragoons NWTA


The mighty, mighty, 17th LD. Representing a british unit during the Revolutionary War the 17th is a part of our Midwest Chapter of HIA. On the field and off the field they are a sight to behold. Click on the above picture for more info.

18th Century Civilians


This section includes all civilian camp personnel to include farriers, sutlers, craftsmen, wagoners, carpenters, wives, kids and loved ones of the soldiers. They sewed and washed clothes, nursed wounded, and prepared meals, transported goods, created and repaired equipment. Click on the picture above for more details.

HIA Demo Team


The Horses in Action Demonstration team is a select group of riders and infantry who are in top shape and skilled at demonstrating 18th century military tactics to present what it really means to be a 18th century American soldier. If you wish to join this group you must be able to run, march, ride, jump, shoot, use sword, lance and be of keen mind and athletic nature. Try outs are held throughout the year. 

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The pictures featured in the above gallery and throughout the site are courtesy of the photographers who took them. We would like to extend a special thanks to Michael Itamura, Jennifer Higgins, George Brown, Troy Corbett, Tom McFarland, and everyone else who allowed us the opportunity to showcase their work.  Without people like you we wouldn't be where we are today.

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