Cpt Peter bruin's company 11th Virginia regiment

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The Foundation's ground unit is based on Cpt Peter Bruin's Company of the 11th Virginia Regiment. The company is composed of Riflemen, Musket men and other dismounted members. They portray how scouts and infantry were used in ground units in the Revolutionary War.  This group portrays militia who fought as citizen soldiers in all campaigns. Some carry rifles and some carry muskets.

We invite young boys and girls to join Horses in Action and portray dismounted persona.

Riflemen on Winter Scout


Pictured here are two scouts dressed as Virginia Riflemen who were hunters called to campaign specifically to use their long-range shooting skills with rifled guns. Note their distinctive round hats and linen hunting shirts. During winter months, while the main army was in winter quarters, riflemen and dragoons continued to scout to ensure the commanders knew what the British were up to.

Come Join Us


This member portrays a dismounted British dragoon loading his musket using a paper cartridge.

Come join us to participate in fun events to educate the public and portray soldiering in the 18th century

What Can You Do?


Young people contribute to our events in many ways. Here is a young man portraying a messenger. 

Others portray camp followers such as seamstresses, doctors, cooks, blacksmiths, coopers, and sutlers selling fresh food, rum and clothing to the soldiers..

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